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Ode to leftovers

October 22, 2009

I have a recipe for a super-simple chicken salad. So when I found some leftover chicken in the fridge, this was just the thing to make. The recipe called for pineapple slices, so I opened a can of pineapples and took out the fruit. There was some syrup left and not wanting to throw it, out I decided to use it in a cake.

The cake recipe required only the yolks, not the white. I didn’t want to chuck them and ended up mixing a batch of meringues. Meringues are bland without lemon zest, but bold lemon would just dry up in the fridge. Not a problem. Lemon juice would make the salad dressing that much better. I needed half an onion for the salad. It’s a pity to throw out the other half, but how about some spaghetti sauce? Opened a can of tomato paste, used one half. Now what do I do? OK, I’ll make vegetable soup.

Sure enough there were no potatoes in the house, so I drove over to the supermarket and picked up some potatoes, carrots, bread, cottage cheese, tuna, napkins, detergent, dishwashing liquid, Tylenol, and 3 boxes of cereal (they were on sale).

While in the neighborhood, I stopped at the bank to deposit a check, picked up the shirts from the dry cleaners, changed oil at the mechanics, and got a new battery for my watch.

By the time I got everything into the house and finished cooking the soup, I couldn’t give a darn if there was anything left over. Next time I’ll be smarter; I’ll toss that syrup straight into the garbage can.

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  1. julia permalink
    October 29, 2009 11:53 pm

    this was a great post!

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