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Obama’s peace for our time

October 5, 2009
Peace for our time?

Peace for our time?

On September 30, 1938, Neville Chamberlain returned to Britain after selling Czechoslovakia off to Hitler and pronounced the agreement to signify “peace for our time.” Less than a year later, Germany invaded Poland, setting off the greatest tragedy in modern history.

Fast forward to 2009. President Obama betrays Czech and Polish allies by unilaterally scrapping the Eastern European missile defence program in order to gain Russia’s nominal support for yet another round of worthless sanctions against Iran. From there, he goes on to declare a fantasy nuclear disarmament resolution at the UN, while hiding secret intelligence of Iran’s Qom facility that, if left unhampered, will be able to produce enriched uranium in less than a year .

Just to make sure Iran has ample time to continue with its nuclear program, after revealing this secret intelligence in Pittsburgh, the US together with other Security Council members, engages Iran in negotiations in Geneva without even setting an agenda.

Sure enough, Ahmadinejad doesn’t feel any pressure. “We prefer to build up friendship and understanding [with the world powers] and are prepared for long negotiations,” he said on Iranian television. “But the six countries [UN Security Council members] are free to adopt whatever policies they like. We will not be harmed, anyway.”

If Obama gets his way, he’ll have a whole year to daydream about a nuclear-free world. I just hope the rest of us won’t pay the price.

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